• Post-Production

  • Editing

    This is where the story really comes together. Even if you’ve shot to a well-planned set of storyboards or gotten the exact answers to interview questions you wanted, things often get better in the edit suite. Beyond story, this is where the pace and the tone are often defined for your final video. It’s an exciting phase that leads to many creative opportunities around music, style, structure, composition, etc. It’s where you start to feel what the audience will feel. We have established solid post workflows using every camera format out there to ensure that our projects are delivered on time and on budget.

  • Music

    Music is bigger than huge. It's the anchor to a piece that drives the pace and emotion. Choosing great tunes can make or break a video. There are many routes to pairing a good song to your show.  We guide you through the options that best fit your budget. There are countless music libraries that offer decent tracks that can accompany your video for a reasonable price. We’ve also worked with some amazing composers who can cater a track to fit perfectly with your visuals.

  • Motion Graphics & Animation

    Visual effects can generally be broken down into two types:

    1. Visual effects that nobody ever notices
    2. Visual effects that are so cool nobody remembers anything else about your movie

    Type 1 Visual Effects encompasses everything from painting out cables, rig removal, digital replacing signage, blending two takes together, and generally anything that, if done properly, is completely invisible, yet fairly important.

    Type 2 Visual Effects is basically all the cool stuff. Transforming robots, asteroids barrelling towards earth, transforming robots barrelling towards earth, etc. It’s what’s in the trailers, and what Michael Bay has made a career out of creating. Type 2 Visual Effects are acknowledged by everyone, especially females, as being Cool As Hell and you probably could do with more of them in your movie.

    Visual effects often requires some coordination with the sound guys, because effects will bring with them sound elements that need to be synced up.

  • Color Correction

    Color correction is a sometimes overlooked craft but it can often make the difference between a nice looking video and a stunning final product. You’ll hear phrases tossed around like “crush the blacks” and “bring up the whites.” Color correction is the last step for the visual side of a movie.

    The boring part of color correction involves matching the white balance and levels between shots, adjusting portions of the frame to be darker or lighter, and generally tweaking the image to make it look better.

    The cool part of color correction is applying a sweet “look” to the image that has the potential to greatly influence how a movie is perceived.  Since things are often shot at different times, different locations, and sometimes with different cameras the footage can be noticeably varied. This brings all of the clips in-line with each other visually.

    Once that’s done, you combine the final sound mix and the final color correction and you got yourself a finished production!