• Production

  • When the final product has been laid out, and we're excited about the outcome, it’s time to start shooting. In most cases, you're not attending the shoot. This is left to the experts behind the camera, and the actors in front of the camera. If the final product has been approved by the client in revision meetings, the rest of the production process should be smooth sailing. This is where trust plays a huge role in advertising. The client must absolutely trust that the advertising and production team will stick to the story board, stick to the budget, and honor the client’s wishes. A TV commercial shoot can take a day to a year, depending on the approved final product and any revision or reshoots that need to be made. 

     After the shoot is completed, our team will go into editing, dubbing, and musical scoring. All of these aspects of the project should have been already approved by the client before production. The music selection will have been made to maintain consistency with the client’s brand. The dubbing, voiceovers, and editing should also be consistent with the client’s requests.

     When producing a TV commercial, go big or go home. Consider integrating your TV advertisement with other forms of media such as print, online videos, and social media. Create a buzz around your uniquely branded commercial by utilizing every form of media available.