• Our writers have been using their words in front of large audiences for many years. Award winning writers that use their words to mold your message.

    For example….



    Little girl.
    Pink backdrop.
    Hair in darling little bun.
    Serious and sweet.
    I have something to tell you. 
    It’s okay. Come closer… 
    (camera closer)
    That’s better.
    So, It can happen all of a sudden.
    (different shot: straight face to smile face)
    Or, sometimes, it can take a while (stretch out world while) to build up. 
    Either way, it’s waiting for you – 
    Right there … (pointing at camera like it’s a person with a nose) 
    under your nose. 
    (finger circling to land right under her nose.)  
    It’s free therapy.
    A curve that sets everything straight. (drawing curve in the air – graphic fill in later)
    Come on, smile for me. 
    Try to be a little less miserable.  Would ya??? 
    I mean, I don’t ask for much. Really I don’t… 
    Can you smile?
    YOU deserve it! 
    (laugh) (laugh) (laugh)
    SMILE already!!!!


    As a new client you will video conference or conference call with our producer to hone your concept and script.